Build My Ride

Build My Ride

CHARITY EDITION – Build your team and, at the same time, build brand new bikes to give to deserving kids...

The event in a nutshell:

• Complete team activities to gain parts of bikes (the activities tap into all key facets of teamwork)

• Build the bikes

• Give the bikes away

• Get medals

“Having run team building events for the past 15 years, I can safely say this is the most powerful and well received event I’ve ever been involved in”
Chris Gulley, MD Elevate

A series of team building activities, completed successfully, will provide your teams with the parts and tools necessary to assemble a brand new bike. Armed with wrenches and enthusiasm, teams then build brand new bikes and have them checked by the Bike Inspector. The team to have their bike completed with the least time wins.

The real power of the event comes at the end, when medals are presented to the winning team by selected underprivileged children, who are then themselves presented their brand new bikes by each of the teams.

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