Humanopoly Team Building in Gisborne

Humanopoly Team Building in Gisborne

‘Controlled chaos meets Monopoly’

High energy and highly competitive!

Humanopoly is a unique indoor team building activity designed to include everyone in your team and to maximise FUN! Teams of up to six players compete for cash as they move their oversized game pieces around a giant board. Each square has an activity on it which teams race to complete.

Humanopoly takes a maximum of 1½ hours

Every square on the board includes a challenge, and teams battle it out whenever their piece lands on another team’s square. Team strategy comes into play as players work out what challenges they’d be good at and what would best help them come out of the game with the most cash.

Challenges include remote control car races, golf putting, balloon racing, dressing up, word puzzles and more. One of Elevate’s most popular games, Humanopoly takes less than an hour and a 8m x 8m space to set up. Staff adjudicate to keep the pace fast and to ‘remind’ teams of the rules.

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