NZ Pipeline

NZ Pipeline

This is a hands-on team building activity requiring real teamwork plus inter-team collaboration, negotiation and competition, which will have everyone in your team totally absorbed.

The NZ Pipeline activity will be totally tailored to your business/team after consultation with you. This includes branding, how the event is briefed and how it is debriefed.
Examples of parallels or analogies back to your workplace could include;

  • The competing but connected teams can be likened to departments, branches or work teams
  • The ‘client’ requesting the pipeline to be built can be likened to external or internal customers
  • The regions can be likened to a company’s supply chain – from sales through to delivery etc

How This Event Works
Your team is split into competing ‘Consortiums’ and then into competing ‘Regions’ – so, effectively, there is competition within competition. Each Region and Consortium has an area of a conference room or outdoor area where they must build their section of the Pipeline to transport 'Spherical Metallic Balls' and ‘Coolant’ from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

The NZ Pipeline requires collaboration between competing Regions in order to pool materials together and share equipment to make their pipeline successful however, they are also competing with each other which makes for a very interesting dynamic.

  • Points are awarded not only for construction but for aesthetic value
  • The completed pipeline fills the activity area with a physical metaphor for co-operation and ‘team’
  • This activity will have everyone absorbed and engaged
  • Hands-on building from an array of materials
  • A successful pipeline provides a great sense of achievement and it’s also fun!

A successful pipeline requires all component parts to work effectively, and for each component part to connect together as a unified whole. The pipeline provides a clear analogy with the need for an organisation to be “connected up”.

Possible Objectives

  • Day away from pressures, emails, deadlines to focus on your team
  • Event to provide an analogy for insights into teamwork
  • Tap into different facets of teamwork
  • Have some fun and strengthen some relationships in a non-work environment